Appeals of Standing and Discipline Committee


Elected from Senate

Faculty Members (5)
Students (3)
Convocation (1)

Ex Officio

Registrar or designate (non-voting)

Quorum: 4 voting members, at least one of whom must be a faculty member, and one of whom must be a student.

Terms of reference

Delegated authority over the following by Senate:

  • Appeals of decisions of the President on student discipline;
  • Appeals of final decisions of Faculties on academic standing; and
  • Appeals of final decisions of Faculties on promotion/advancement.

Senators (8)
Abdulrahman Alnaar (Convocation)
Dr. Robert Campbell (Chair)
Siddarth Chopra (Student)
Dr. Jonathan Holzman (Vice-Chair)
Jonathan Low (Student)
Dr. Yves Lucet
Dr. Loic Markley
Dr. Julien Picault

Ex Officio
Registrar (non-voting)

Meeting schedule

Appeals committees meet when a hearing is necessary.  A schedule of potential meeting dates will be developed to facilitate the scheduling of hearings as required.

For more detailed information on the appeals process, please refer to the online Calendar.