Nominating Commitee


Elected from Senate

Senators (non-student) (5)
Students (2)

Ex Officio

Registrar or designate (non-voting)

Quorum:  Quorum for committees of the Senate shall be as set in their terms of reference. In the event a quorum is not so set, quorum shall be 50% of the voting members of such a committee.

Terms of reference

Responsible for recommending the following to Senate:

  • Committee Terms of Reference;
  • Establishment of standing and ad-hoc committees of Senate;
  • The elected membership of Senate committees and other bodies with Senators as elected or appointed members;
  • Academic Administrative Appointment policies; and
  • The composition of Senate.

Nominating Committee

Non-Students (5)
Ms Tamara Ebl (Vice-Chair)
Dr Jannik Eikenaar (Chair)
Dr Robert Johnson
Dr Marianne Legault

Students (2)
Hisham Khan
Saami Hafeez

Ex Officio
Registrar (non-voting)

Meeting schedule

Meetings scheduled as required