Religious Holidays and Observances

As of September 24th , 2019 the Board of Governors Policy #65 – Religious Holidays has been rescinded.   A Senate policy addressing religious observances for students is in development and is anticipated to be in place in early 2020.

Board of Governors Policy #SC7  (formerly Policy #3) regarding prevention of discrimination  on the grounds prohibited by the BC Human Rights Code, including religion, remains in place for all members of the UBC community.  Moreover, the University is obligated to comply with the BC Human Rights Code in accommodating students observances of sincerely held religious beliefs.  If you would like to request an academic concession because of a conflict with a religious observance, please see your academic advisor.  To learn more visit:

For more information about the accommodation of religious observances for faculty and staff, please contact the UBC Equity and Inclusion Office.