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Other Category 1 Proposals

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Examples of Category 1 proposals other than new courses include:

  • A deletion or change to an existing course or program that affect Faculties outside of the proposing Faculty;
  • A change to an existing course or program that engenders budgetary implications beyond the available resources of the proposing Faculty;
  • Reinstating a deleted course;
  • Creation of a new subject code;
  • Deletion, dissolution or suspension of a program;
  • Changing a program name; or,
  • Any case that, upon review, is considered to be Category 1 in the opinion of the Vancouver Senate Curriculum Editorial or Graduate Sub-Committees.

Generally, only material relevant to the change is required in the proposal. For instance:

  • To change a course used by three other faculties, consultation with those three faculties is required.
  • To substantively change a course requires a new syllabus outlining the added/changed material, a new library consultation (if the reading list has changed), and a new budget sign-off.
  • The creation of a new subject code requires a consultation with Senate & Curriculum Services (ubc.curriculum@ubc.ca), but does not require a library consultation or budget sign-off.
  • The deletion, dissolution, or suspension of a course or program, or a program name change, requires consultation with units, licensing bodies or professional associations, and any other group that may be affected, but does not require a library consultation or budget sign-off.  The effective date for program deletion should not be until after all students registered in the program have had a reasonable time in which to complete the program requirements or accommodate the change.  When considering shutting down a program, consultation with current students may be a prudent step to consider.

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