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Category 2 Curriculum Proposals

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Category 2 proposals concern less substantive changes to existing courses and programs than the changes in Category 1 . These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Changes in a course title or description to clarify or reflect updates in the field, or changes to a course’s credit value (NB: where any of these changes imply a significant change in course content, the proposal is viewed as a Category 1 proposal);
  • Changes to pre/co-requisites or vectors;
  • Change from a 6-credit course to two 3-credit courses without change in course content (NB: submission of the 6-cr course syllabus and both new 3-cr syllabi is requested in such cases);
  • Changes to subject heading or course numbers (provided that new numbers still reflect the scope and depth of the course); or,
  • The deletion of courses. Note: These proposals may require a consultation to show that the closure does not affect other programs if the course has been in active use toward other programs.

NOTE:  Changes in the instructor or in the delivery method generally do not require Senate approval unless there is a concurrent change in the course’s stated learning outcomes.

NOTE:  Changes submitted as Category 2 may be reconsidered as a Category 1 change at the discretion of the sub-committee charged with the review.

Category 2 Proposal Requirements

Category 2 changes, by virtue of their having no increased resource implications outside of a given Faculty, do not require consultations, library, or budget approval. As such, the standard 2-column curriculum change form (“Change to Course or Program”) is all that is required unless the Vancouver Senate Curriculum Committee requests further documentation (e.g., the syllabus of 6-cr and both 3-cr versions of a course when a Category 2 changes is requesting a two-term course be split into two one-term courses). Please refer to the guidelines under the Guidelines for New Courses section for more detail on course descriptions, course numbering, credit value determination, subject code assignment, prerequisites and corequisites, versions, and cross-listing.

Changes to Course Titles

Changes to course titles are considered Category 2 changes only where the course content has not undergone significant change.  A rationale should be provided in the right hand side of the 2 column form to explain why the title is being changed.

Inactive Courses

Each Faculty Curriculum Committee should ensure that genuinely inactive courses that have not been offered for four or more years are removed from the Calendar through the submission of a Category 2 proposal to close these courses.

Inactive courses that have been closed are removed from the Calendar, but are maintained in the Senate records. They may be reopened through the submission of a Category 1 proposal.

Once a course number has been inactive for the length of the program plus one year, that course number may be reused for a new course.

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