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Senate Membership 2017-2020

Ex officio

  • Chancellor (Mr. Lindsay Gordon)
  • President, Chair (Prof. Santa J. Ono) President
  • Vice-President, Academic (Dr. Andrew Szeri)


  • Dr. James Olson, Applied Science, Pro Tem.
  • Dr. Gage Averill, Arts
  • Dr. Robert Helsley, Commerce and Business Administration
  • Dr. Mary MacDougall, Dentistry
  • Dr. Blye Frank, Education
  • Dr. John Innes, Forestry
  • Dr. Susan Porter, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • Dr. Rickey Yada, Land and Food Systems
  • Dr. Catherine Dauvergne, Peter A. Allard School of Law
  • Dr. Dermot Kelleher, Medicine
  • Dr. Michael Coughtrie, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Dr. Meigan Aronson, Science

Chief Librarian

  • Ms. Susan Parker

Director of Continuing Education

  • Dr. Simon Bates

Elected by the Faculties

Applied Science

  • Dr. Michael Isaacson, Professor
  • Dr. Victoria Bungay, Associate Professor


  • Dr. C.W. Marshall, Professor
  • Dr. Merje Kuus, Professor

Commerce and Business Administration

  • Dr. Adlai Fisher, Professor
  • Dr. Kin Lo, Associate Professor


  • Dr. David MacDonald, Professor
  • Vacancy


  • Dr. Guy Faulkner, Professor
  • Dr. Robert Boushel, Professor


  • Dr. Verena Griess, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Peter L. Marshall, Professor

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

  • Dr. Ian Frigaard
  • Dr. Theresa Rogers, Professor, Faculty of Education

Land and Food Systems

  • Dr. Sue Grayston, Professor
  • Dr. Mahesh Upadhyaya, Professor

Allard School of Law

  • Dr. Shigenori Matsui, Professor
  • Prof. Anthony Sheppard, Professor


  • Dr. Claudia Krebs, Professor
  • Dr. Mieke Koehoorn, Professor

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Dr. Corey Nislow, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Abby Collier, Associate Professsor


  • Dr. Philip Loewen, Professor, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Mark Thachuk, Faculty of Science

Elected by the Joint Faculties

  • Dr. Peter Choi, Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Susan Forwell, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Paul G. Harrison, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. André Ivanov, Professor, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Prof. Carol Jaeger, Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Dr. Paul A. Keown, Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Anna Kindler, Professor, Faculty of Education
  • Dr. William McKee, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education
  • Prof. Anne Murphy, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Santokh Singh, Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Lynn Stothers, Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Sally Thorne, Professor, School of Nursing

Convocation members of Senate

  • Mr. Tariq Ahmed
  • Dr. Lawrence Burr
  • Dr. Andrea Dulay
  • Mr. Benjamin Fischer
  • Dr. John H. V. Gilbert
  • Mr. Séan Haffey
  • Mr. Haymen Leong
  • Mr. William B. McNulty
  • Ms. Sarah T. Ngo
  • Dr. John D. Shepherd
  • Mr. Mike C. Stewart 
  • Dr. Richard Tees

Elected representative of the Professional Librarians

  • Mr. George Tsiakos

Representatives of Affiliated Colleges

  • Dr. Peter Meehan, St. Mark's College
  • Rev. Dr. Richard Topping, Principal, Vancouver School of Theology
  • Rev. Dr. Colin Godwin, Carey Theological College
  • Dr. Jeffrey Greenman, President, Regent College

Student representatives

(Term from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020. One representative elected from each faculty, two from the Faculty of Graduate and Post-doctoral Studies, and five members at-large.)

Applied Science

  • Alex Gonzales


  • Vacancy

Commerce and Business Administration

  • Dante Agosti-Moro


  • Rojin Djavanmardi


  • Samantha Gilbert


  • Christian Surniawan

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

  • Temitope Onifade
  • Alexa Tanner

Land and Food Systems

  • Lillian Milroy

Allard School of Law

  • Natasha Rygnestad-Stahl


  • Vivian Tsang

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Enav Zusman


  • Riley Ty

Members at-large

  • Julia Burnham – Faculty of Arts

  • Julia Chai – Faculty of Science

  • J. Maximillian Holmes - Faculty of Arts 

  • Nick Pang – Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 

  • Chris Hakim – Faculty of Arts

Secretary (Non-Member)

  • Dr. Kate Ross, Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services and Registrar

Acting Secretary (Non-Member)

  • Mr. Christopher Eaton, Associate Registrar & Director, Senate Office

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