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Senate Membership 2017-2020

Ex officio

  • Chancellor (Mr. Steven Point)
  • President, Chair (Prof. Santa J. Ono)
  • Vice-President, Academic (Dr. Andrew Szeri)


  • Dr. James Olson, Applied Science
  • Dr. Gage Averill, Arts
  • Dr. Robert Helsley, Commerce and Business Administration
  • Dr. Mary MacDougall, Dentistry
  • Dr. Blye Frank, Education
  • Dr. John Innes, Forestry
  • Dr. Susan Porter, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • Dr. Rickey Yada, Land and Food Systems
  • Dr. Catherine Dauvergne, Peter A. Allard School of Law
  • Dr. Dermot Kelleher, Medicine
  • Dr. Michael Coughtrie, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Dr. Meigan Aronson, Science

Chief Librarian

  • Dr. Susan Parker

Director of Continuing Education

  • Dr. Simon Bates

Elected by the Faculties

Applied Science

  • Dr. Michael Isaacson, Professor
  • Dr. Victoria Bungay, Associate Professor


  • Dr. C.W. Marshall, Professor
  • Dr. Merje Kuus, Professor

Commerce and Business Administration

  • Dr. Adlai Fisher, Professor
  • Dr. Kin Lo, Associate Professor


  • Dr. David MacDonald, Professor
  • Dr. HsingChi von Bergmann, Professor


  • Dr. Guy Faulkner, Professor
  • Dr. Robert Boushel, Professor


  • Dr. Verena Griess, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Peter L. Marshall, Professor

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

  • Dr. Ian Frigaard, Professor
  • Dr. Theresa Rogers, Professor, Faculty of Education

Land and Food Systems

  • Dr. Sue Grayston, Professor
  • Dr. Mahesh Upadhyaya, Professor

Allard School of Law

  • Dr. Shigenori Matsui, Professor
  • Prof. Anthony Sheppard, Professor


  • Dr. Claudia Krebs, Professor of Teaching
  • Dr. Mieke Koehoorn, Professor

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Dr. Corey Nislow, Associate Professor
  • Prof. Abby Collier, Associate Professsor


  • Dr. Philip Loewen, Professor, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Mark Thachuk, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science

Elected by the Joint Faculties

  • Dr. Peter Choi, Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Susan Forwell, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Paul G. Harrison, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. André Ivanov, Professor, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Prof. Carol Jaeger, Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Dr. Paul A. Keown, Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Anna Kindler, Professor, Faculty of Education
  • Dr. William McKee, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education
  • Prof. Anne Murphy, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Santokh Singh, Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Lynn Stothers, Professor, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Sally Thorne, Professor, School of Nursing

Convocation members of Senate

  • Mr. Tariq Ahmed
  • Dr. Lawrence Burr
  • Dr. Andrea Dulay
  • Mr. Benjamin Fischer
  • Dr. John H. V. Gilbert
  • Mr. Séan Haffey
  • Mr. Haymen Leong
  • Mr. William B. McNulty
  • Ms. Sarah T. Ngo
  • Dr. John D. Shepherd
  • Mr. Mike C. Stewart 
  • Dr. Richard Tees

Elected representative of the Professional Librarians

  • Mr. George Tsiakos

Representatives of Affiliated Colleges

  • Dr. Peter Meehan, St. Mark's College
  • Rev. Dr. Richard Topping, Principal, Vancouver School of Theology
  • Rev. Dr. Colin Godwin, Carey Theological College
  • Dr. Jeffrey Greenman, President, Regent College

Student representatives

(Term from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. One representative elected from each faculty, two from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and five members at-large.)

Applied Science

  • Alex Gonzalez


  • Charlotte Gilby

Commerce and Business Administration

  • Dante Agosti-Moro


  • Rojin Djavanmardi


  • Carly Koenig


  • Christian Surniawan

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

  • Tarique Benbow
  • Arezoo Alemzadeh Mehrizi

Land and Food Systems

  • Lillian Milroy

Allard School of Law

  • Natasha Rygnestad-Stahl


  • Tyler Yan

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Nick Pang


  • Danny Liu

Members at-large

  • Eshana Bhangu – Faculty of Arts

  • Julia Burnham – Faculty of Arts

  • Cole Evans – Faculty of Arts

  • Chris Hakim – Faculty of Arts

  • J. Maximillian Holmes – Faculty of Arts 

Secretary (Non-Member)

  • Dr. Kate Ross, Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services and Registrar

Clerk (Non-Member)

  • Mr. Christopher Eaton, Associate Registrar & Director, Senate Office

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