Senate IRP Transition

As UBC prepares to move to the new Student Information System (Workday Student), which will launch in the 2023/24 academic year, there are periods of time when it is important for configuration and data to be stabilized. Some high-risk periods over the next two years have been identified where we need to do what we can to limit changes to the current SIS. 

The following information will help you plan appropriately and we can work together to process proposals on a different schedule than in a normal academic year cycle. 

  • Workday Student is being built to support activities starting with the 2024W session.
  • We are encouraging proposals related to the 2024W session to be brought to the Senate as outlined in the table below.
  • The more complex the request, the higher risk to the program, so we ask you to prioritize items that will introduce something NEW, such as a new program or award.
  • Less complex items, like changes to existing courses, are lower risk, but because of the volume of proposals related to simple changes, we are asking these to be brought forward earlier than you are used to.
  • We will need to work closely to reduce any risk to the project and at the same time reduce any risks to the delivery of our academic programs.
  • These guidelines do not impact or adjust the schedule of Senate meetings. There may be proposals that are approved at Senate that need to be held and input in Workday Student at a later date, but proposals can still be brought forward. 
  • Proposals for 2023W follow the same guidelines. Any complex proposals will have to be reviewed against the Workday academic structure to ensure it fits the future data model and can be converted. 
  • The Senate Office will work closely with the IRP Student team to provide further details to this information and will share it here as it is available. 


These guidelines are based on the Senate cycles.   

Workday-Related Senate Approvals

Workday-related proposals approved by the Senates, by standing committees:

Unexpected Curricular Issues and the Transition to Workday

To support the University community in making rapid modifications to courses and requirements to address issues that affect system functionality and utility for students, the Office of the Senate and IRP Student have created a temporary, expedited process to permit curriculum change in a flexible and responsive manner. See full details here: Bridging Solution for Expedited Modifications.

Course Validation Project

The Office of the Senate facilitated a University-wide course validation project in advance of Workday Student go-live. The project was completed in May 2023. See full details here: Course Validation Project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a new course approved by the Senate Curriculum Committees in April 2024 be configured in time for students to register and for it to be taught in September 2024?

Yes, all 24W changes are currently on track to be available in the system in time for the 2024/25 academic year.

Will proposals approved by the Vancouver Senate Curriculum Committee in July 2024 be configured in time for 24W?

For approvals in July effective for September 2024, IRP will aim to implement the changes as soon as possible, however implementation depends on the nature of the change (e.g. updates to already-scheduled courses or academic requirements for new or existing programs).

The majority of proposals that take effective 24W would normally be submitted in 2023-24. For which session will those proposals (the ones submitted and approved in 2023-24) be configured in WD?  

IRP will attempt to get all of the required changes configured for 24W. Items that don’t make it in before Launch 2 will need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine when they can be added. 

What are the launch dates for Workday Student?  

  • Launch 1: October 2023
  • Launch 2: February 2024 

See the full IRP Student timeline here: IRP Timeline.

Where can I find more information on changes to pre-requisites, co-requisites, course equivalencies, and course restrictions?

Details on the University-wide course validation project can be found here: Course Validation Project.


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