Regulations for Elections to Non-Governing Bodies

1. General

  • These regulations govern elections conducted by the Registrar (hereafter Enrolment Services) for elected positions on bodies or to offices other than those set out in the University Act.
  • The originator of a request for Enrolment Services to conduct an election (hereafter, the originator) may request changes to these regulations for use in that election. Such changes must be specified before any call for nominations is issued for the election in question. Enrolment Services reserves the right to refuse any such request should it compromise the integrity of the election in the opinion of Enrolment Services and to not conduct the election should the originator not abide by procedures required.
  • To preserve the impartiality of the electoral processes, the originator shall not be involved in the conduct of the election except as set out in these regulations or as requested by Enrolment Services.
  • Enrolment Services shall be notified by the originator of any requests for an election no less than two (2) weeks before the opening of nominations, but may conduct elections with less notice at its discretion.
  • The originator shall supply Enrolment Services with:
    • The title of the office to be elected;
    • The date by which the election needs to be completed;
    • The number of positions to be elected; and
    • A definition of who is eligible to vote and stand for election.
  • Communication with voters, including notices of the call for nominations, voting, and the issuance of results shall be made via the Internet and by other means deemed appropriate by Enrolment Services.
  • The responsibility for a procedure for resolving a tie between two (2) or more candidates is with the originator. However, if such a procedure is not specified, a tie shall be resolved by lot drawn by the Registrar.
  • A copy of these regulations shall be posted on the Internet.

2. Nominations

  • In such cases where there are more than one hundred (100) eligible voters, each candidate shall be nominated by at least three (3) persons eligible to vote in the election other than themselves. If there are fewer than one hundred (100) eligible voters, only one nominator shall be required.
  • Candidates shall consent to their nomination before standing for election.
  • Generally, the nomination and consent required by Sections 9 and 10 above shall be deemed given by the signing of a nomination form provided by Enrolment Services; however, confirmation may also be given to Enrolment Services by other means suitable to Enrolment Services, including electronic means.
  • Enrolment Services shall specify the date and time nominations are due on the nomination form.
  • Nominations shall be submitted to the office, email address, or fax number specified by Enrolment Services on the nomination form.
  • The nomination period shall last for a minimum of five (5) days, and may be extended if deemed necessary by Enrolment Services.
  • Each candidate is requested to provide Enrolment Services with a statement of not more than three hundred (300) words to be made available to prospective voters.
  • The statement requested in Section 15 must be provided to Enrolment Services at least seven (7) days prior to the opening of polls. Failure to provide this information by the date specified may result in it not being made available to voters.
  • In such cases where the number of nominations received is equal to or less than the number of positions to be elected, those candidates who submitted completed nominations shall be deemed acclaimed.
  • The responsibility for a procedure for filling positions to which no candidate was nominated lies with the originator.

3. Voting and Results

  • A period of at least seven (7) days shall elapse between the close of nominations and the start of voting.
  • Voting shall occur for a period of no less than three (3) and no more than twenty-eight (28) days, the exact duration to be determined by Enrolment Services in consultation with the originator. The voting period may be extended if deemed necessary by Enrolment Services.
  • Voting shall be accomplished by means satisfactory to Enrolment Services, generally via Internet and paper ballots. A preference will be given to the use of the Internet.
  • Results for elections shall generally be made available to candidates and the public within forty-eight (48) hours of the close of voting; however,
    • Enrolment Services may, at the request of the originator, withhold results for up to one (1) month, generally so that other related elections or appointments may be completed; and
    • Enrolment Services shall withhold results if an appeal is filed under Part 4 below, and then only provide the results to the Committee – in confidence and upon request – until the appeal is ruled upon. If a new election is ordered, the results of the invalidated election shall not be made available.

4. Electoral Integrity

  • Appeals of electoral decisions shall be to a committee (hereafter, the Committee) of at least three people as specified by the originator. In the case of elections where the Board, Council of Senates, or a Senate is the originator, that committee shall be the Election Committee of the Council of Senates.
  • All candidates shall act with integrity in their campaigns. Activities contrary to the good conduct of the election may result in a candidate or candidates being disqualified and/or the election being declared void by the Registrar, subject to appeal to the Committee. The action taken by the Registrar shall stand until the Committee has ruled on the matter, but no new election shall occur nor candidate or candidates be declared elected until a ruling is made.
  • Enrolment Services may take such remedial actions as they deem necessary to enforce these regulations, correct or mitigate any unfair advantage received by any candidate, or to contend with any situation not covered by these regulations, subject to appeal to the Committee. In considering such an appeal, the Committee may uphold or reject the action taken, or substitute its own action in place. The action taken by the Registrar shall stand until the Committee has ruled.
  • For an action to be taken by the Committee, the Registrar must receive a formal statement of appeal. No such statement shall be accepted once voting has completed except those regarding the actual tabulation of results. Statements contesting the vote totals reported must be made within two (2) days of results being made available to the candidates or public.
  • In deciding appeals under Part 4, the Committee shall determine its own procedures, with the provisos that:
    • Its determination of appeals shall be final; and
    • It shall not invalidate an election if it is satisfied that the election was conducted in good faith and the matter under appeal did not materially affect the result.