Appeals of Standing and Discipline


Elected from Senate
Faculty Members (5)
Students (3)
Convocation (1)

Ex Officio
Registrar or designate (non-voting)

Quorum: 4 voting members, at least one of whom must be a faculty member, and one of whom must be a student.

Terms of Reference
  • Delegated authority over the following by Senate:
    • Appeals of decisions of the President on student discipline;
    • Appeals of final decisions of Faculties on academic standing; and
    • Appeals of final decisions of Faculties on promotion/advancement.
Committee Summary

The Committee is the University’s final avenue of appeal for all matters related to their academic standing (ranging from a grade in a course to continuation/discontinuation in a program) and student discipline.  Its workload depends on the number of student appeals filed in any given year and thus is highly variable.  While the Committee meets in camera, it does provide annual reports to Senate on how it ruled on matters and any trends in noted.

Senators should consider this committee if they have a keen interest in procedural fairness and the equitable treatment of students and decision makers across the University.


Elected from Senate (8)
Abdulrahman Alnaar (Convocation)
Dr. Robert Campbell (Chair)
Dr. Jonathan Holzman (Vice-Chair)
Jonathan Low (Student)
Dr. Yves Lucet
Dr. Loic Markley
Vacancy (Student)
Dr. Julien Picault

Ex Officio
Registrar (non-voting)

Meeting Schedule

Appeals committees meet when a hearing is necessary.  A schedule of potential meeting dates will be developed to facilitate the scheduling of hearings as required.

For more detailed information on the appeals process, please refer to the online Calendar.