13 Senators (including 2 student members and 2 convocation members)
(Membership increased from 8 to 13, Senate minutes, 18 March 1987, p. 8960)

Quorum: 8 voting members (reduced from 12, Senate minutes, 15 October 2003, p. 03/04-12)

Terms of Reference
  • To consider persons who are suggested to the Committee or whom it considers to be suitable recipients for honorary degrees, and to make recommendations to Senate.
  • To make recommendations to Senate with respect to emeritus status (Senate minutes, 22 July 2020, pg. 51).
  • To prepare a statement regarding deceased members of Senate to be recorded in the minutes.
  • To consider matters related to regalia and academic dress, and to make recommendations thereon to Senate (Senate minutes, 22 July 2020, pg. 51).
  • To consider rules governing procedure for the transaction of business by the convocation and congregation ceremonies, and to make recommendations thereon to Senate (Senate minutes 22 July 2020, pg. 51).

Elected from Senate
Dr. Guy Faulkner
Dr. Susan Forwell
Dr. John Gilbert
Dr. Jan Hare
Dr. Paul Harrison
Xiutong Tony Jiang (Student)
Dr. Emily Jenkins
Dr. Dermot Kelleher
Dr. Robert Kozak
Dr. James Olson
Dr. Gerry Turcotte
Dr. HsingChi von Bergmann
William Zhu (Student)

Ex Officio
Director of Ceremonies