Elected from Senate
Students (2)

Ex Officio
President, or in their absence, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Vice-Chair of Senate
Chairs of all other standing committees of Senate – Dr. Jan Cioe (Chair), VACANCY (Vice-Chair)
Registrar or designate (non-voting)

Terms of Reference
  • Responsible for recommending the following to Senate:
    • An agenda for Senate meetings, including time limits for debates for any item on a Senate agenda except the consideration of the agenda itself;
    • Rules and Procedures of Senate; and
    • Matters relating to the Council of Senates if not under the terms of reference of another committee of Senate.

Chairs of all other standing committees of Senate (7)

Students (2)
Jonathan Low
Amanda Shatzko

Ex Officio
Vice-Chair of Senate
Registrar (non-voting)

Meeting Schedule

For the Senate Agenda Committee schedule, please see Senate Meetings.