Elected from Senate
Senators (non-student) (5)
Students (2)

Ex Officio
Registrar or designate (non-voting)

Quorum:  Quorum for committees of the Senate shall be as set in their terms of reference. In the event a quorum is not so set, quorum shall be 50% of the voting members of such a committee.

Terms of Reference
  • Responsible for recommending the following to Senate:
    • Committee Terms of Reference;
    • Establishment of standing and ad-hoc committees of Senate;
    • The elected membership of Senate committees and other bodies with Senators as elected or appointed members;
    • Academic Administrative Appointment policies; and
    • The composition of Senate.
Committee Summary

Why does the Nominating Committee exist?

The Nominating Committee is the only committee of Senate directly elected by all Senators. It primarily exists to provide a democratic mechanism to oversee the memberships, duties, and functioning of all other Senate Committees and to represent the Senate in other personnel-related matters at the University.

What has the Committee worked on in the past Triennium? What will the Committee work on in the next Triennium?

The Committee has two regular tasks:

  1. Recommending membership of the other standing committees of Senate at the beginning of each triennium, based on preferences solicited from individual Senators; and
  2. Recommending changes to Senate (e.g., composition of Senate, standing committee terms of reference) near the conclusion of each triennium, based on feedback solicited from Senate’s standing committees, Senators, and the campus community.

The Committee’s other tasks are needs-based. In the past three years, they have included:

  1. Recommending terms and membership for an Ad Hoc Committee, following a request made during a general Senate meeting;
  2. Recommending members of various search and re-appointment committees;
  3. Recommending members to Senate’s Standing Committees when vacancies arise; and
  4. Reviewing policies (e.g., Deans Appointment Policy, AP5).

Who should serve on the committee?

Committee members should have good knowledge of Senate membership and governance of the campus and larger institution, as well as skills of diplomacy and collegiality. Much of the Committee’s work is done in confidence: for example, discussion of which individual Senators to recommend to specific committees. In addition, much of the Committee’s work is sensitive: for example, discussion of recommendations for committee membership requires not only consideration of position but also positionality, such as in consideration of the gender composition of a search committee.


Elected from Senate (7)
Ms. Tamara Ebl (Vice-Chair)
Dr. Jannik Eikenaar (Chair)
Saami Hafeez (Student)
Bowen He (Student)
Dr. Robert Johnson
Dr. Marianne Legault
Dr. Bryce Traister

Ex Officio
Registrar (non-voting)

Meeting Schedule

Meetings scheduled as required.