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Senate Staff

The Faculties, Vancouver & Okanagan Senates, the Council of Senates, and their respective committees are coordinated by Office of the Senate.

Senate staff advise on procedural and regulatory matters; provide interpretations for University, faculty, and program requirements; draft academic regulations and policies; prepare meeting agenda and minutes; oversee the University's electoral and quasi-judicial appeals processes; and manage content for and production of the University's academic Calendars.

For matters relating to non-academic policies and legal affairs, please visit the Office of the University Counsel.

For a full list of all current Senate staff, please see here.

Senate Staff Portfolios:




General Inquiries   vancouver.senate@ubc.ca
Academic Calendars Okanagan Alisa Dewald
  Vancouver Lindsey Kovacevic / 
Kyle McCleery
Academic Year Okanagan Kyle McCleery
  Vancouver Kyle McCleery
Affiliation Agreements   Amandeep Breen
Council of Senates Committees Budget Alisa Dewald

Kyle McCleery

  Executive Christopher Eaton
Curriculum Submissions Okanagan  okanagan.curriculum@ubc.ca
  Vancouver UBC.Curriculum@ubc.ca
Elections & Search Committees   Stephanie Oldford
Faculty Meetings   facsec@mail.ubc.ca
Okanagan Senate Committees Academic Buildings & Resources Alisa Dewald
  Academic Policy Stephanie Oldford
  Admission & Awards

Alisa Dewald

  Agenda Christopher Eaton
  Appeals of Standing & Discipline

Kyle McCleery

  Curriculum Alisa Dewald
  Learning & Research Amandeep Breen
  Nominating Christopher Eaton
Policies & Academic Regulations   Stephanie Oldford
Term Dates   Lindsey Kovacevic
Vancouver Senate Committees Academic Building Needs Kyle McCleery
  Academic Policy Stephanie Oldford
  Admissions Amandeep Breen
  Agenda Christopher Eaton
  Appeals on Academic Standing Amandeep Breen
  Curriculum Lindsey Kovacevic /
Kyle McCleery
  Library Stephanie Oldford
  Nominating Christopher Eaton
  Student Appeals on Academic Discipline Kyle McCleery
  Awards Kyle McCleery
  Teaching & Learning Amandeep Breen
  Tributes Stephanie Oldford
  TBD - Research Committee Amandeep Breen



  Applied Science Amandeep Breen
  Arts Kyle McCleery
  Arts & Science Kyle McCleery
  Commerce & Business Administration Stephanie Oldford
  Creative & Critical Studies Stephanie Oldford
  Dentistry Amandeep Breen
  Education (Okanagan) Christopher Eaton
  Education (Vancouver) Christopher Eaton
  Forestry Stephanie Oldford
  Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Christopher Eaton
  Health & Social Development Stephanie Oldford
  Land & Food Systems Christopher Eaton
  Management Amandeep Breen
  Medicine Stephanie Oldford
  Peter A. Allard School of Law Kyle McCleery
  Pharmaceutical Sciences Kyle McCleery
  Science Amandeep Breen

Staff Contacts

Christopher Eaton
Associate Registrar & Director
(p) 604-822-9952 (f)  604-822-5945
(e) christopher.eaton@ubc.ca

Amandeep Breen
Academic Governance Officer 
(p) 604-822-8141 (f)  604-822-5945
(e) amandeep.breen@ubc.ca

Stephanie Oldford
Academic Governance Officer 
(p) 604-827-0003 (f)  604-822-5945
(e) stephanie.oldford@ubc.ca

Lindsey Kovacevic 
Academic Governance Officer (on secondment)
(p) 604-822-9134 (f)  604-822-5945
(e) lindsey.kovacevic@ubc.ca

Joshua Robertson
Associate Academic Governance Officer
(p) 604-822-9134 (f)  604-822-5945
(e) joshua.robertson@ubc.ca

Alisa Dewald 
Associate Academic Governance Officer
(p) 250-807-9619
(e) alisa.dewald@ubc.ca

Lauren Small 
Academic Governance Clerk
(p) 604-827-1774 (f) 604-822-5945
(e) lauren.small@ubc.ca

Anthony Grzegorzewski 
Academic Governance Clerk
(p) 604-822-5239 (f) 604-822-5945
(e) anthony.grzegorzewski@ubc.ca

Brian Fukushima 
Academic Governance Assistant & Faculty Secretary 
(p) 604-827-4143 (f) 604-822-5945
(e) brian.fukushima@ubc.ca

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Vancouver Senate
2016-1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Tel: 604.827.4143
Okanagan Senate Secretariat
UNC 322, 3333 University Way
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7
Tel: 250.807.9619

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