Dr. Gage Averill
Dr. Lawrence Burr
Rev. Dr. Colin Godwin
Dr. Verena Griess
Dr. Peter Meehan
Prof. James Olson
Dean Simon Peacock
Prof. Thomas Schneider
Dr. John Shepherd
Dr. Lynn Stothers

Ms. Simran Brar (student)
Mr. Daniel Lam (student)
Ms. Alexandra Glinsbockel (student)
Mr. Michael Wong (student)

Chancellor (ex-officio) (voting)
President (ex-officio) (voting)
Registrar (ex-officio) (non-voting)
Librarian (ex-officio) (voting)
An associate vice-president academic, as designated by the Academic Vice-President (ex-officio) (voting)
Director, School of Library, Archival & Information Studies (ex-officio) (voting)

Terms of reference 
  1. To advise and assist the Librarian in developing a general program of library services for all the interests of the University; and, more specifically, in:
    1. keeping informed about the library needs of students, instructional and research staffs, and the public, and in keeping the academic and wider community informed about the Library;
    2. responding to the opportunities and challenges presented to the Library by changes in its institutional, technological, and commercial environments;
    3. defining the functions of the Library and of library services within the University and wider community, and promoting a clear vision of the Library's role;
    4. ensuring that the Library maintains its capacity to preserve, manage, and develop its collections;
    5. securing budgets in support of those goals; and
    6. determining the optimal use of Library space and facilities.
  2. To report to Senate on matters of policy and practice under discussion by the Committee.
  3. To make recommendations to the Senate with respect to rules for the management and conduct of the Library (in accordance with the terms of the University Act).

Quorum: 5 voting members (Senate minutes January 21, 2004)
Composition: 14 Senators (including 4 student members and 2 convocation members)

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